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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Getting close!

Well it's been over a month since our last post, and boy we have been BUSY! The book is nearly finalized now, but it took a lot more work than we thought to get it to this point. When I reviewed what we thought was the final copy, I found numerous little 'oopsie-daisies' - the result of marathon editing sessions & very tired eyes & brains! Definitely a forest & trees problem. As a result, there was mucho fixing to do <:o

As we had hired Jeremy Robinson to do the interior formatting, and he was busy with his own activities, I raced through the fixes, as we still needed his help to ensure all the changes made it into the pdf copy. My trusty laptop accompanied me everywhere, airports, airplanes, hotels - every spare waking moment I worked on it. Oh well, I'll just sleep later!

This is our first experience with all of this, the book is in great shape, it looks gorgeous, and the story is sharp, fast-paced, exciting and fun. We know you'll love it! :)

Stay tuned!!