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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Outstanding review of Secret of the Sands!

Book review of Secret of the Sands by Rai Aren and Tavius E., ISBN: 1-4196-7552-4 RFS Publications, review by ellen george
Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's not every day you get hold of a book that you simply cannot put down - The Ezekiel Code was one of those books - Angels and Demons was another - add this one to the list: Secret of the Sands.

It is the first of a trilogy about the dual story of people who existed before what we know as ancient Egypt and modern day young archeologists who literally make the find of a lifetime when they find a box, with help of vivid dreams. With the help of two of their quirky friends, they open the box to find glyphs the world had never seen and metals the world has never discovered...

The ancient part of the book is the backstory to the modern. Why things happened as they did and why the box is so important to the story and why the characters are so important to the modern story.

As I read this amazing book, I thought it had the pace of say, Raiders of the Lost Ark - it was fast, furious and absolutely mindblowing.

I hope someone from Hollywood takes a look at books like this - they were made for the big screen and successfully I think.

I cannot think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy this book - especially if you are a fan of ancient Egypt, riddles like the Rosetta Stone, metaphysical, archaeology, other life forms, you have a great treat ahead of you.

The co-writing team of Rai Aren and Tavius E. worked seamlessly to form a magnificent story that will leave you wanted the next in the series, Destiny of the Sands.

I cannot wait -

A great read!

ellen george

Book review of Secret of the Sands, by Rai Aren and Tavius E., ISBN: 1-4196-7552-4, RFS Publications, review by ellen george