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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fortune Favors the Bold!

...we sure hope!! That's my new fave saying, and I do believe it. It is our modus operandi for launching Secret of the Sands. We are, as always, hard at work getting our book ready to be introduced to the world! We have been getting the book print ready - you know - all that crazy technical stuff <:o ...however, it's all for a good cause - ensuring our book is ready for its debut, readin' & lookin' fine :) It was just sent to China with ForeWord Magazine to be displayed at the Beijing International Trade Fair from Aug.30th-Sept.3rd. In addition, it will soon be making its way to Germany to be a part of the Frankfurt Trade Fair. Wish us luck!

More exciting news: Stay tuned for details on our upcoming September 2007 bestseller day. We will send out announcements very soon, so do check back to our home page & this blog for the specific day, which will be around mid-September. We got this brilliant idea from another author we know who inspires us - Jeremy Robinson. What is an Bestseller day exactly? Well, it's where we will ask you fine folks who are interested in picking up a copy of the book (or copies!!) to buy them all on the same day. Why you ask? Well, it would help concentrate our sales numbers so that we can hit the Amazon radar for that time period and through that help us 'unknowns' raise our profile and get our book in front of more avid readers. Cool, eh?!

Of course, buying our book any time would be wonderful and we will be very, very grateful for each & every sale :)

We will be in touch very soon. We look very forward to the day when you're all curling up with our book and joining us on this unique & special journey - both fictional & real-life.

Until then...