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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Great reviews of Secret of the Sands!

"A deep probing mystery riddled with prophecy and danger, Secret of the Sands uses Egypt and her mythology as a backdrop to delve into the meanings of life and religion."
-McNally Robinson

"Rai Aren and Tavius E. have crafted a fast-paced, exciting novel overflowing with mystery and intrigue. The tension is constant. The characters fully developed. And the plot gripping. Ancient history and present day relevance are so expertly intertwined, that you might forget you are reading a work of fiction."
-- Thomas Phillips, author of The Molech Prophecy
Book Reviews - The Good and The Bad - as they say, "We truly "tell it" like it is" - by Tommy Taylor, author of The Second Virgin Birth.

Cool thing is these are audio book reviews, take a couple of minutes & have a listen. Tommy is also doing audio author interviews, so stay tuned for an upcoming one with Tavius & I, we're looking forward to doing it!
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Check it out – there’s lots of interesting & helpful info there including a “featured author” section for new writers (keep checking back for our future feature!) Our review is posted below...

"Secret of The Sands" by Rai Aren and Tavius E., Postby Mary on Thur. Feb 21, 2008

"This novel is innovative, concise and enthralling. Fluctuating between present day and ancient Egypt, the pace never decelerates. The reader is treated to plausible theories regarding many riddles of this mysterious civilization. This time-honored culture is so clearly portrayed with characters which are so skillfully brought to life that one can easily imagine they are actually present as events are unfolding. The story comes to a clear conclusion yet leaves the reader desperately hoping there will be a sequel…. or a trilogy…. or even better yet, a whole series of these phenomenal books!"

Also, look for Secret of the Sands at the upcoming London International Book Fair, Apr.14th-16th, 2008. Our novel will be part of ForeWord Magazine's display.