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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Secret of the Sands joins TeensReadToo network!

We are delighted to have been invited to join the TeensReadToo network! Come check out our brand new profile there:

Secret of the Sands profile on

This is definitely a site we are pleased to be a part of for a couple of very good reasons, first our book was written for readers ages 12 & up. It's got the fun, silly, light-hearted aspects of movies like The Mummy and Indiana Jones series, paired with our own deep, underlying meaning & messages...Our intent in writing the story was to make it accessible to a wide audience, in the same way our favorite stories & movies are :)

Secondly, also gave our book a great 5-star review:

Courtesy of Teens Read Too, July 26, 2008

Alex and Mitch are the outcasts of the archaeological dig site they are working at in Egypt. Their supervisor/Professor, Dustimaine, is out to thwart their every attempt at success. If he misses anything, his underling, Fessel C. Blothers, is there to catch them.

One day, Alex and Mitch literally stumble upon a secret; a secret thousands and thousands of years old, unknown to anyone but them. With the help of their lab tech friends, Jack and Bob, Alex and Mitch soon get snared in uncovering a mysterious power somehow connected to the great Sphinx.

Could this be the biggest discovery in archaeological history -- or just someone's plan to hurt and destroy another society?

Rai Aren & Tavius E. write a spellbinding mix of mystery,history, fantasy, and adventure in this tale of two histories - one told in the present, the other told from the past - telling a story of misused power, learning how to trust, and the fate of civilization. The dialogue is believable and the plot is a page-turner.

Reviewed by: Erikka Adams, aka "The Bookbinder"


We hope you will check Secret of the Sands out! Happy reading always friends!