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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Secret of the Sands donates books through Shadow Forest Authors to help promote literacy!

Secret of the Sands is a participating member of Shadow Forest Authors, the Fellowship of Authors and Supporters for charity. Their mission at SFA is to get books where they are needed. Copies of Secret of the Sands are already on their way to help support this great initiative. Books can help in many ways, from promoting literacy to opening up worlds of imagination & creativity. Here's how it works (from SFA website):

"SFA authors donate copies of their titles to our beneficiaries, who places books in much needed hands.

Everyone can help
SFA supporters can Adopt an author or authors, purchasing their titles to be donated to our beneficiary.
Encourage Authors by leaving comments"

The Anthony Robbins foundation, Got Books, Book Aid International, The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, and World Public Library have agreed to be SFA beneficiaries and support SFA's venture to get books where they are needed.

Here is Rai's endorsement of SFA's work:

"As an author, one of the main reasons I write is to entertain people, to make them happy, and give them a world they love being in and escaping to.
Beyond this dream, that a book can help a fellow human being along the path to literacy is an incredibly beautiful, meaningful and deeply rewarding gift. I am very, very proud and truly honored to be a member of Shadow Forest Authors."

Visit the Shadow Forest Authors website for more information & find out how you can participate, too:

Together we can help make a positive difference in this world through the use of books. We would be delighted if you would choose to participate, too :)

Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands

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