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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sale! 26% off Secret of the Sands for Read an E-book Week on Smashwords!

G'day avid readers,

I just added Secret of the Sands to the Read an E-book Week promotions on Smashwords, starting today & running for one week. It's 26% off - it's easy-breezy, just download the coupon provided on this link:

Secret of the Sands on Smashwords


Secret of the Sands is available in multiple eBook formats on Smashwords. I'd be honored if you'd add it to your eReader :)


It's so exciting to see eBooks taking off, it's a great sign that people are reading more books more often - always a good thing!

Please pass the word on to readers you think would enjoy the story.

Cheers & happy reading always, my friends!

Rai Aren, co-author of the award-winning mystery novel SECRET OF THE SANDS

For 12,000 years a dark and deadly secret has been hidden deep below the Great Sphinx of Giza. In present day Egypt, a frightening, yet awe-inspiring story unravels as archaeologists race against time to decipher an ancient truth...

"The authors have successfully woven a story based on archeological events mixed with their own ideas of what happened to the Sphinx and the mysteries surrounding it."-

"Rai Aren & Tavius E. write a spellbinding mix of mystery, history, fantasy, and adventure in this tale of two histories - one told in the present, the other told from the past - telling a story of misused power, learning how to trust, and the fate of civilization."-


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