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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rai's latest review - Money Ain't Nothing

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all having a good weekend! I thought I would share my latest review with all of you. This one is for a hard-boiled detective short story, Money Ain't Nothing, by author Jason Blacker. This story is the first in a mystery series of novel, starring retired LAPD detective, Anthony Carrick, and will be followed shortly by the novel First Feature. I'm completely hooked, so I wanted to pass the word on about another great read. And it's only $0.99!

Here is a link to the short story on

Money Ain't Nothing, by Jason Blacker


5-stars: Gritty and entertaining

Anthony Carrick, the self-described 'alley cat', is a character you will love. He's a rough around the edges, hard knocks kind of guy - a former police detective, that now finds himself eking out a living doing private investigations for people who are having a run of bad luck.

In Money Ain't Nothing, he's hired by a wealthy woman to investigate the suspicious death of her son. She suspects murder, but the authorities don't agree, so she turns to Anthony Carrick. His methods are far from by the book, and in his world, fairy tale endings don't exist, but the big, bad wolf always does.

Readers of hard-boiled detective fiction will find a colorful new character, who is more comfortable navigating the seedy side of life, to get their mystery-solving fix from. Anthony Carrick's beaten up charm is undeniable, his jaded 'seen it all' take on the world makes for a lively read.

Money Ain't Nothing is an entertaining short story that will have you completely hooked on this character, gruff charm and all. Also highly recommended: First Feature - the first novel in the Anthony Carrick detectives series. Count me in for more, lots, lots more!

-Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands

You can also find the story in multiple other e-Book formats on Smashwords, also only $0.99!:

Money Ain't Nothing, by Jason Blacker on Smashwords

You can also visit Jason online at:

And on his brand new Twitter page:

Jason Blacker on Twitter

Happy reading, always, my friends! :)


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