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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rai's reviews: 5-stars: Dust on His Soul

Hi peeps,

Sorry I've been away from the blog for awhile, life's been pretty busy. However, I still make time to read & then share worthy tomes with you :)

Here's a recent read, it's a literary novel, historical fiction, based on the life of Stephen Biko. Here is a story description:

The Story of One Man’s Journey to Hell and Redemption

Hell does have a name… Robben Island.

This story, though fictional, is inspired by, and honors, the life - and death - of Stephen Biko.

It is the 1970s and 80s in South Africa. Some cruelly and sadistically wielded power meant to scourge. Some broke under its weight, while some remained unbent, immovable under it, resolute of spirit, and ultimately, triumphantly, indomitable.

This is the story of such a man. A character study of an unconquerable heart, an unyielding spirit.

This is not a story for the feint of heart or stomach. It is a story, not meant to shock, but to shine the unapologetic, unflattering light of truth on a situation that was, and is very real.

Told through one man’s journey, it will lay bare any and all realities of a world that for some was inescapable. The pain is real. The horrors are real. Ignoring them won’t change a thing though understanding them just might.


Here is my review:


Outstanding, Powerful, Moving

This was a powerful story, incredibly well-told, that has stayed with me. I don't think I will ever forget it, it has been burned into my memory. Many people know the facts (or some of them at least) of the terrible apartheid regime that ruled over South Africa with utter brutality, but stories like this one can make it much more 'real' for those of us who were not there and did not see or experience it firsthand.

This story was told by someone who obviously cares about the subject matter and who has great love for his country and those who suffered there. It is a tough read in that it is incomprehensible the ignorance, hate and cruelty that have existed (and in places continues to exist, sadly). You feel like you are there with the main character, your heart aches for him, your spirit cries out - stop! You will wish you could jump into the pages of the book, or of history and save these people from those who make them suffer so much pain - physically, mentally, emotionally. Once you put the book down, try to reflect, and take a deep breath to recover from the punch this book packs, an inescapable reminder comes forth, that though this story is fictional, the truth behind it is not. You will wish it was.

However, if because of stories like this, we can have a better understanding of these terrible evils, perhaps we will be more sensitive and more easily moved to fight for positive change in this world. It is also a reminder of the power of an individual to be a lightning rod for change and how we can never, ever give up hope for a world ruled by peace, love, tolerance and mutual understanding and appreciation.

This was truly one of the most powerful, memorable, worthwhile and moving novels I have read...

Rai Aren

P.S. You can also find it on kindle for less than $5!

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